PET Flakes from bottles

The PET bottles separated by color (clear, light blue, green, mixed) are transformed into flakes through a process involving several phases: grinding, hot washing, flotation and centrifugation.

Our hot washed flakes are produced using a variety of industry leading sorting and washing technologies. All of flakes are produced from post-consumer PET packaging.



Transparent Clear PET Flakes


Mixed PET Flakes

Light blue

Light blue PET Flakes


Green PET flakes

SUPPLY VOLUMES: Now we can offer deliveries of transparent or mixed PET flakes in the amount of 100 tons per month. If it’s necessary, the volumes can be increased up to 150 tons per month.

PRICING: The price for the supply of PET flakes depends on the quantity and frequency of deliveries, as well as on the place of delivery. Please send us detailed information about your order to calculate the cost of delivery.

QUALITY CHECK: If you want to check quality of our PET flakes, we can send you a sample by Express Mail in quantity 5-10 kg.


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