The begining

Bosna Plastic was founded by a group of investors from Russia in the city Goražde of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2019.

We decided to do our part in the fight against the spread of garbage and plastic.

Our team has assembled and installed a high quality PET recycling line with a capacity of 800-1000 tons. The results of the first weeks of work exceeded our expectations for the quality of PET flakes.
According to the plan, we must reach full capacity by the end of spring 2021.

Photo of Bosnia
Plastic bottle and plant

Production process

PET flakes are polyethylene terephthalate products, crushed into small flat pieces. In the course of processing, the plastic does not undergo melting and does not undergo decomposition processes. Accordingly, all characteristics remain at their original level.

Main stages of production:
• bottle preparation, sorting
• washing
• fragmentation
• drying
• quality check
• packaging



Čajnička bb, 73 000
Goražde, Bosnia & Herzegovina